never compromise golf putter

Get Adobe Flash player There are plenty of places in life to settle for "good enough". The green is not one of them. Go ahead, compromise on your hat, your bag, your glove or even your irons. But when it's time to get the little white fella in the hole, don't even think about it. Never Compromise has one unbending goal: to be the most competitive putter in the game. They say some people have a competitive streak. Well this company has a competitive highway ten lanes wide. A lot of people have asked what Never Compromise means. It means NEVER make excuses. NEVER stop pursuing perfection. NEVER settle. NEVER back off. NEVER "knock it up there close". NEVER miss a chance to get into the other guy's head. NEVER leave it to someone to "show you the way". NEVER stop competing. NEVER doubt yourself. And NEVER under any circumstances play a putter that's just "good enough". EVER. founded in 1997, Never Compromise has enjoyed success on various professional tours around the world. The company's visible 3 piece technology created some of the highest MOI putters to date. Over the years, this small company has created thousands of putters for professional players all over the world. Never Compromise putters have excelled in state-of-the-art technology using only the finest materials and advanced engineering; from mixing carbon fiber, aircraft grade aluminum, advanced polymers, high density materials and multiple manufacturing methods. When it comes to new ideas this company is brimming with attitude and self confidence.
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